Karina Shor was born in Brooklyn, New York in 2015. A single child to a single parent – an Israeli mother who freshly graduated from the School of Visual Arts. Karina Shor is actually my second name. One I gave to myself to achieve creative freedom in my own head. Mainly writing and illustrating my stories, or drawing anything free of self-judgment.

The “real” me (what is even real?), was named Alina, born in soviet Moldova, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 6. Growing up with an artist father and mother, you could say – she was born into art. Alina grew up to be an illustrator that mainly illustrated children’s books while making comics for the sake of it. Sometimes self-censoring her stories, fearing the kid’s books readers, and their mamas, or her own mama… So a separation had to be done, but separating me and my work is impossible. Whether you think it’s healthy or not.

I am (Karina) currently working on a graphic novel with Street Noise Books, and since I and Alina share a body – I also draw kid’s books covers, kid’s books, and teach comics, drawing, and illustration – formerly in NY and now in Tel – Aviv.

I like to be busy. For work or other inquiries, email: shorkarina@gmail.com
To see my children’s books portfolio:  alinagorban.com